FlightControl App Reviewed

FlightControl AppGame apps are the most popular in the iTune App Store and flightControl which was released Feb has found it’s way a top the most popular paid for apps quite an accomplishment. Once I downloaded this app because of it’s great review and popularity and synced to my iPhone to begin playing I was a little tuned off by the 50′s style graphics and music. Could have made them a tad bit more modern.

Dispute my disappointment with the audio and graphics I still found this app to be quite entertaining and addicting. After it loads you will find yourself at the main screen with four options, Credits information about the developers than is Tutorials which is basically screen shots with text on them explaining how to play this app next will be Stats here you can view High Score, Average Score, Most Aircraft On Screen & Total Aircrafts Landed your last option is Play.

Once you hit play you’ll notice the airport in the center right of the screen and within seconds you’ll notice red circles with white exclamation Marks appearing on the edges of the screen which will mark the area where an airplane will be entering your screen.

Airplane and Helicoter Types

Their is three types of airplanes and A helicopter you have to land. Their will be two types of red airplanes these are the biggest ones in the game one is a bit bigger and faster than the other and than you have a small yellow airplane and blue helicopter. Both red planes you’ll need to land on the long straight runway that is outlined in red, the small yellow plane will need to be landed on the small runway out lined in yellow that comes out on an angle towards the bottom of the screen. The Helicopters you will land on the blue circle with the H in the center of it.

To guide the aircraft to to correct runway to land you will need to tap the aircraft your trying to land and drag your finger in the path you want the aircraft to go to land if you have successfully made a path for the aircraft to land the aircraft will change colors to white indicating a successful landing path.

Be careful not to allow aircrafts to get to close as they will crash and game will be over. If aircrafts get to close and you think there goning to crash simply tap the aircraft you want to control and drag your finger in the new direction you want aircraft to fly in.

It can really get jammed up with aircraft in a hurry and one crash it is all over, My high score is 67 aircraft landed not sure if that is good or not but I played abut 70 times before I got that score so I founded it to be challenging which is always good in a game and for $0.99 it is a deal I have lost more change in my couch in the past 2 days.

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